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The modern calling card. Most organizations need one, and it needs to be mobile-friendly. We can work with most platforms but we build most of our sites on WordPress using Oxygen, a powerful lightweight page builder. WordPress is easy to hand over, so you can update your own content, from anywhere, at any time. We're also happy to make updates for you.


Entropy: things fall apart and websites are no exception. It's important to keep them secure and updated. No matter whether we built your site or not, we're happy to keep it maintained. Most websites take about two hours a month to keep up-to-date and secure.


Make sense of the data you're collecting. We can work with SQL or PostGreSQL databases to create reports that will help you keep pace with your business. Only know what to ask in plain English? No problem, we can take a look at how your data is structured and translate your questions into queries. We like Microsoft Power BI for its HIPAA-compliance and great pricing.

We do much more than what's listed here. These are just the things that fit neatly into buckets. Check out what else we do!

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The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of the mountain, or in the
petals of a flower.

About Chatham Fullstack

My name is Sarah Pohlig and I've been a programmer for over nine years, working first in custom software for manufacturing applications, and then in website development for high-end retirement communities. I started Chatham Fullstack in the first Summer of 'Rona (2020) with a few consultant developerss that I'd worked with for the previous two years. 

After a bumpy first couple of months, it was off to the races. It's been a joy working with so many new clients. I love to see our combined efforts paying off.
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